-Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

George Arthur French.


Sir George Arthur French (19 June 1841 –  7 July 1921) – first Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police (1873-1876).

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

William Hall.


William Neilson Hall (25 April 1829 – 25 August 1904) – a son of the former American slave, quartermaster of the Royal Navy, participated in the Crimean War (Battle of Inkerman and Siege of Sevastopol), the first black Canadian who received the Victoria Cross.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric, metal sheet.

Georgina Pope.


Georgina Pope (1862-1938) was a Canadian nurse who served with distinction in the Second Boer War and First World War.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric, metal sheet.

“The Historical Figures of Canada” doll collection by Irina Gorelkina.