-Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

Frederick Banting.


Sir Frederick Grant Banting (14 November 1891 – 21 February 1941) – scientist, doctor, co-discoverer of insulin, was awarded the Noble Prize in 1923, was knighted by King George V in 1934.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

Lawren Harris.


Lawren Stuart Harris (23 October, 1885 – 29 January, 1970) – painter, member of Group of Seven, who has discovered and developed a new Canadian painting style.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric, wood.

Lester Pearson.


Lester Bowles “Mike” Pearson (23 April 1897 – 27 December 1972) – scholar, statesman, soldier and diplomat, who won the Nobel Prize in 1957 for organizing the United Nations Emergency Force to resolve the Suez Canal Crisis; the 14th Prime Minister of Canada. Liberal.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

Pierre Trudeau.


Pierre Elliott Trudeau (18 October 1919 – 28 September 2000) – the 15th Prime Minister of Canada (1968-1979, 1980-1984). Liberal.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

“The Historical Figures of Canada” doll collection by Irina Gorelkina.