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https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/537146419/original-handmade-flower-girl-doll …          “Flower Girl”    “Spirit Of The Past” collection One-of-a-kind historical costume doll/figurine. Made of polymer clay (head and shoulders, hands, legs and body), wire, craft batting and fabric. Height – 10 7/16″ (26.5 cm). … Continue reading

Just The Hands. Dressing Up The Doll.

                                        “Spirit Of The Past” doll collection

                                             “Flower Girl” (18th century)

                                               Doll’s height – 26,5 cm

                                      Material – fimo clay, wire, fabric, raffia

Flower Girl.9

                                                     Dressing Up Gallery  

Flower Girl.               Flower Girl.1

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