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“Spirit Of The Past” collection

  1. One-of-a-kind historical costume doll pair.
  2. Made of polymer clay (head and shoulders, hands, legs and body), wire, craft batting, fabric and raffia.
  1. Dolls’ height: Younger Sister – 3  9/16″ (9 cm) (sitting position, without a hat), Elder Sister –      8  5/16″ (21 cm ) (without a hat).
  1. Two layers of clothing. All garments were created according to the original patterns from early 19th century.
  2. Accessories: two hats made of raffia.
  3. “Sisters” were not created for playing. However, you can with great care take off and put on their hats and set up this doll composition according to your taste and vision.
  4. You will receive “Sisters” in a beautiful decorative box. To take them out of the box you should untie the pink ribbon and gently take them out with the doll stand. The hats will be pinned to the pillow with four white pins.
  5. Since “Sisters” were made for viewing, it would better to put them in a display case or under a glass dome that will protect them from the dust. Please keep them out of the sun and direct light to keep the fabric from fading.

Included in sale:

  1. Two dolls (with all accessories indicated in the doll description)
  2. Two doll stands
  3. Decorative box with pillows
  4. Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist (Irina Gorelkina)
  5. Complimentary postcard


250.00 USD

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