Collected Dolls


Doll is the most commonly known and the most understandable subject of the human history. Dolls look like people, they were created by people and for people.

You can like or dislike dolls, but you can not deny that dolls accompany people through all their history. Dolls are passed on from practically every person; through all their life, from childhood to the childhood of their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Doll history is like a mirror which reflects history of the human society: dolls for poor or for rich, dolls for kids or for adults, dolls for ordinary people or for collectors, dolls for the religious or atheist.

Dolls are not only part of the human history and culture; they are also an interesting source of the economy’s history, of the technology’s history, of the fashion history and of art history!

This doll was the first in my worldwide dolls collection.

Victorian Era doll

I found her in the “antique barn” in the one of the Canadian farms (Ontario) a few years ago. Of course, she is not in the best collectible condition, but she is beautiful, she still keeps a special warmth and charm of her numerous previous owners. She is 50 cm tall, she has very impressive glass eyes, her head and shoulders are made from some composition material; her body, arms and legs are partly made of fabric and filled with dry grass. All stitches were made by hand. Many years ago she had great blonde hair made of human hair. Clearly she lost her original costume, but somebody gave her a cute white dress which absolutely does not fit her, and also some black socks. Her shape is quite disproportional – very long body and legs and very short arms. Her head made quite professional, and lips and browse are painted very accurately. She belongs to the Victorian era (c. 80-90s of XIX century). It is impossible to recognize her trademark but her features are painted more like the French than German.

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


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