-Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

Wilfrid Laurier.


Sir Henry Charles Wilfrid Laurier (20 November 1841 – 17 February 1919) politician, seventh Prime Minister of Canada, the first francophone Prime Minister of Canada (1896 – 1911), Liberal.

Nickname : “Great Conciliator”.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric, wood, metal sheet.

Thomas D’Arcy McGee.


Thomas D’Arcy Etienne Hughes McGee (13 April 1826 – 7 April 1868) an Irish immigrant, politician, journalist, poet, one of the Fathers of the Canadian Confederation, member of Canadian Parliament (Liberal-Conservative Party), was shot after making a speech in the House of Commons 7 April 1868.

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


“The Historical Figures of Canada” doll collection by Irina Gorelkina.



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