-Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

Samuel de Champlain.


Samuel Champlain (birth date : different sources give different dates – c. 1570, c.1572, c.1574, around 13 August  – 25 December 1635) a great French explorer, cartographer, geographer, diplomat, soldier and administrator. Champlain founded New France and Quebec City (3 July 1608).

Doll: polymer clay, wire, fabric.


Madeline De Vercheres.


Marie-Madeline Jarret De Vercheres (3 March 1678 – 8 August 1747) 14 year old girl of New France who struggled bravely and successfully against the Iroquois attacks on the French settlers (1692).

Doll: pigmented wax, wire, fabric; musket: wood, metal sheet.

Governor General Frontenac.


Louis de Buade Comte de Frontenac (22 May 1622 – 28 November 1698) a French soldier, aristocrat and courtier, Governor General of New France (1672-1682, 1689-1698).

Doll: polymer clay, wire, fabric, wood, metal sheet.

“The Historical Figures of Canada” doll collection by Irina Gorelkina.



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