-Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

Inuit Family.


Inuit woman with the child in the hood.

Inuit woman

The Inuit are the native people of the Canadian Arctic. In the Inuktitut (Inuttituut) language Inuit means “people”. Europeans called them Eskimo (“eater of raw meat”). The Inuit always were  hunter-gatherers,  moving from place to place.

Dolls : pigmented wax, wire, fur, fabric.

The image of the dolls and the costumes was made on the basis of the original Copper Inuit (Kitlinermiut) photos.

Iroquois warrior.

Iroquois Warrior.1

Iroquois – aboriginal of Canada, a member of Iroquois Tribe.

Iroquois – several Iroquoian speaking North American Indian tribes (the Cayuga, Cherokee, Huron, Oneida, Seneca, Tuscarora), whose historical roots walk away to that ancient Paleo-Indian people. They lived around lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and to the east to St. Lawrence region.

The name “Iroquois” is the French derivation of “Irinakhoiw”, meaning “rattlesnakes”, Algonquian enemy’s epithet. Iroquois called themselves “Hodenosaunee”, meaning “people of the longhouse”.

Doll : pigmented wax, wire, fabric, wood, metal sheet.

The image of warrior was made on the basis of historical picture (c. middle 17th century).

“The Historical Figures of Canada” Doll Collection by Irina Gorelkina.




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