– Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!-

“The Historical Figures of Canada”.

John Cabot.


John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) (c.1450 – c.1499) – an Italian seaman, navigator, explorer, merchant – whose voyages in 1497 and 1498 under the commission of Henry YII King of England became the ground  for the 18th century British claim to Canada.

Doll : polymer clay, wire, fabric, wood.

Henry YII, King of England.



Jaques Cartier


Jaques Cartier (31 December 1491 – 1 September 1557) a French mariner and explorer, who under the commission of Francois I, king of France, discovered and described the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and  Saint Lawrence River area (1534, 1535-1536, 1541-1542). Cartier took the Indian word “kanata” (village, community) to be the name of the land he found.

Doll: polymer clay, wire, fabric, metal sheet.

Francois I, king of France


“The Historical Figures of Canada” doll collection by Irina Gorelkina.







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