Emily Murphy. “The Historical Figures of Canada” by Irina Gorelkina

Emily Murphy (14 March 1868 – 17 October 1933). Canadian women’s rights activist, jurist and author.

Emily Murphy.2

“In 1916 she became the first female magistrate in Canada and in the British Empire. She is best known for her contributions to Canadian feminism, specifically to the question of whether women were “persons” under Canadian law.”

Emily Murphy.1

“The Historical Figures of Canada” collection.

Doll’s height – 32 cm.

Created – 2009.  Material – pigmented wax, wire, fabric.

This doll is on display at the Gibson Centre for Community, Arts and Culture (Alliston, On) as a part of the “International Women’s Day exhibition”.


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© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


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