Jane Austen Inspired Doll: a Gentleman

“Jane Austen Inspired Doll: a Gentleman”

From time to time, I feel nostalgic emotions for the elegance and severity of men’s fashion from different historical periods.




Created: November-December, 2014

Doll’s height:  38 cm (without a hat)

Material: fimo, wire, fabric, wood

Costume: three layers costume

Check out my website: http://dollsglobal.wix.com/dollsglobal

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


4 thoughts on “Jane Austen Inspired Doll: a Gentleman

  1. If men were still to dress like that, I fear I would be too frightened to move lest I should wrinkle my attire. It must’ve been quite the chore to walk, let alone to sit without damaging the perfect cut of the material. I wonder what they would’ve thought about blue jeans.

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