Discover the greatest people of art, literature, science and fashion. Raphael

2. Raphael Santi (Raffaello Santi, Raphael, Raffaello Da Urbino, Raffaello Sanzio) –painter, architect, Director of Antiquities (preservation of Rome’s ancient monuments), entrepreneur


b. 1483 – Urbino, Italy

d. 1520 – Rome, Italy

There were only 37 years between these two dates.

In 1516/1517 year Raphael created The Coronation of Charlemagne fresco (in Vatican, Stanza dell’Incendio, Rome). It was devoted to one important historical fact – the coronation of Emperor Charlemagne, which took place in Vatican Basilica in 800 AD. At that time the Frankish Emperor was crowned by Pope Leo III. Pope Leo X who commissioned Raphael to make this fresco desperately wanted to find a delicate political approach to the French King Francois I (Francis I). He wanted Raphael to illustrate a historical example of the traditional Papal – French alliance. Raphael’s genius resolved this serious issue very easily. In the fresco Raphael painted the Emperor with the features of Francois I.

In 1518/1519 year Pope Leo X made a gift to the wife of Francois I (Francis I). It was the painting of a “Holy Family with Elizabeth, the boy Baptist and two angels”. The painting’s composition was prepared by Raphael himself and finished under his guidance by the artists of his workshop. Was it just another present from one great art patron to the other great art patron? Of course not. It was a gift from the head of the Catholic Church to the King of France. Pope considered France as a political partner. Again he chose art to be his mediator in order to charm the young King. The colourful language of art at that time was even more convincing than the boring political speeches.

Being the main customer who could afford to pay handsomely for large-scale artworks the Catholic Church ever urged painters, sculptors and architects to perfect their skills – to do their absolute best, while at the same time making them her loyal servants. Among these loyal servants Raphael was the best. Why? Because his creativity was practically limitless. He could skillfully depict any historical or biblical subject or even several of them in one fresco or oil painting.

Raphael” – mixed-media on canvas

I have shown Raphael as a very young and handsome man who is opening the symbolic curtain of his fruitful artistic future. The colours were chosen from the Raphael’s early paintings.

Created: 2013

Material: sculpted wax, fabric, wire

Doll’s height: 30 cm (without a hat)

Size: 20′ ‘x 24”

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


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