Francis I

Francis I (1494 – 1547) – King of France

Francis IFrancis I

Francis became a king when he was 20 year-old and reigned for 47 year until his death:

A patron of great artists, scientists , humanists and explorers of the Renaissance (Leonardo Da Vinci, Andrea del Sarto, Rafael Santi, Benvenuto Cellini, Robert Estienne, Giovanni da Verrazzano, Jacques Cartier)

A knightly king of elegant manners who preferred chivalrous romances, songs and exercises to classical studies;

A man, who possessed an amazing memory, an extraordinary mind, an unusual vision;

A ruler, who was too open and trusting to be a pragmatic and good politician;

A warrior and leader, who was wounded, defeated and imprisoned;

A father who accepted a political marriage for the freedom of his children.

He was “Le Grand roi Francois” (“The Great King Francis”) to his contemporaries as well as he is “Le Grand roi Francois” to our contemporaries today.


Created: July 2009

Height: 29 cm (without a hat)

Material: artificial clay (air-hardening sculpting material), wire, fabric

Costume: three layers of clothing

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA



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