Inspiration is an unaccountable emotional impulse, it’s like magic. Do not try to explain what cannot be explained. Just try to enjoy the result; and probably, you will get a new mysterious impulse!” (I.G.)

Hi, my name is Irina. I am from Canada. Several years ago I have found a perfect way to express my interest in such subjects as People, History, Art and Fashion. Not one of this things could appear and exist without each other.

Is it possible to show all these matters in one image? Will it be a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a photo, an installation or something else?

The tip has come quite spontaneously when I have been deciding what gift to make for my daughters birthday.

A doll!

“What a silly idea!!!” – you may say, – “Big deal!? It’s just a doll!”

Yes; just a doll, which I have done all by myself from the very very beginning to the very very end. From making a head, a face, a body, hair and of course, designing and sewing a costume and accessories. That was a risky challenge, a real joy and absolutely unexpected start for creating my own artistic “Persona-Doll” collection.

If you do not mind, I would like to invite you to this historical adventure.

Please, accept this opportunity to see some pages of human history through visual artistic images created by me.


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