Journey to Royalty and Nobility

Journey to Royalty and Nobility – our first historical destination.

1. Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland (1457-1509)

His claim for the throne was very tenuous, but he became a King. He was not a warrior; but won his throne on the field of battle. He had poor health but ruled within 24 years and founded the Tudors dynasty.He was parsimonious but maintained a splendid court. He was not popular, but people were grateful to him for peace he brought to England. He died aged 52 and left 3 children, a full treasury and a powerful monarchy.

Henry VII Henry VII Henry VII

Doll description:

Image detail:

The King holds a Tudor Rose in the right hand. The rose consists of red and white petals.This heraldic emblem symbolizes the unity of the house of Lancaster and the house of York and claims the new Tudor Dynasty (founded by Henry VII in 1485).


Created: June 2009

Height: 31 cm (without a hat)

Material: artificial clay (air-hardening sculpting material), wire, fabric

Costume: three layers of clothing, designed on the basis of the original patterns (of the second half of 15th early 16th c.)

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


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