Vintage Inspired Male Doll- What’s Underneath?

Here is a little preview of my already finished new doll which will be up on the website soon! Stay tuned!

But for now, here is a look at the underwear of this new Vintage Inspired Male Doll:

DSC_2765DSC_2768   DSC_2727DSC_2730

Check out my website for more dolls:

The Wind of the 50s

Here is the finished product of the doll I have been working on lately:

See all the photos of the doll on my website:!dolls/c199t 

DSC_2690 DSC_2703 DSC_2697 DSC_2696

Dolls Height: 34 cm

Materials used: fimo, wire, fabric, metal sheet, papier mache

Doll was finished September 1st, 2014

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA

Ever Wondered What’s Underneath the Vintage?

I am currently in the middle of making my new vintage couture inspired doll. I thought I should show you the 1950’s undergarments involved in this doll:

DSC_2670 DSC_2669 DSC_2665 DSC_2662  DSC_2658 DSC_2657

Stay tuned for the finished product!

For now, check out my other dolls on the website:

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Happy Birthday Coco!

Coco Chanel Coco Chanel

Check out all the photos of my mixed-media work of coco on the website:!fashion/c1n0f


Revisit the post about her:

© Text and visuals created by IRINA GORELKINA


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